Welcome to Quayside Pétanque Club!

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Quayside is proud to introduce our newly built Pétanque Ground!

Pétanque is a traditional ball game from France, a game that involve rolling or throwing balls toward some sort of target.

It Is important to note that we are the only public real Pétanque ground in Hong Kong or at least in the heart of the city. The game is very popular with locals, non locals and particularly French people of course. For the moment, our Pétanque ground is open to our clients for play on the first come first served basis. We provide everything and clients just have to show up to play. Day and evening games are available.

Pétanque is known to be a relaxing game to enjoy with friends or family around with a good bottle of wine, a beer or a glass of Ricard!

Come & enjoy the game!

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